General Lee's Revenge!

We all remember what happened when the General finally went head to head with the infamous 'Double 0'.

Well, the Duke boys didn't have the benefit of modern technology, the skill and expertise in modern driveline performance modification of BK Automotive, nor the power of a 472 HEMI to push the whole mess around!

With the Duke boys busy in Atlanta, their long lost cousins, Lookie and Dookie who happen to work right here at
BK Automotive have taken to the task of just such a resurrection.


We started by pulling the remains of the General out of retirement in a field of rusting iron.



Next comes a call placed to Mother Mopar to retrofit her wayward son with a Monster 472 HEMI. Ain't it purty?



First things first, The General needs some new clothes. Stripped and on the rotissorie.


More Blasting. Don't ever think junmping in a creek bed will help the long term condition of your collectable MOPAR.


Floor pans installed, trunk pans installed and prepped for POR-15 application.

POR-15 application. Now we are getting somewhere.


Now time to make the whole bucket of bolts move. First in comes the Strange Dana 60 with disc brakes. As always, great products from Strange, the most used rear end assembly here at BK Auto!


Engine bay blasted clean and surfaced with the rest of the car in preparation for body work. The trunk POR-15 coated as well.

Rear valance and corners replaced.


Quarter extensions patched and upper core rail replaced.


In a half joking attempt to get the fabricator assigned to the Chargers to kick it into high gear, I penciled a small plea for help on behalf of this particular car....

.....I was quite surprised about a week later to have recieved a response!    

The bodywork has begun. About time, we have alot of booze to run, and the Double Zero is prime for a butt-whoopin'.

The powder coated hinges arrived. If your going to go, go in style.


Now the fun really begins. We took out the puny Chevy rear end someone put in at some point,... obviously as a joke, and prepped the DANA 60 for installation. Now this will waste some tires!

The body work is complete, and the General is primed and ready for the surgury that will bring him back to life once again!

To keep the front wheels planted and steady, our friends at Firm Feel have fabricated us a set of heavy duty reinforced lower control arms.

We have pulled in a combination of structural reinforcements from the best in the business, Magnum Force, Firm Feel and XV Motorsports in order to create the ultimate Mopar muscle machine.

This shot of the engine test fit before transplant will show you why.

Thats a big dude.

The $600.00 HEMI K-frame is installed, and the custom subframe connectors are bolted, then welded into place. Now let's jump a train....  

Measure, cut, measure, cut, measure, cut,... then WELD!

You could pick the entire car up by these braces.... not that you would want to, but you could. Or maybe you would want to, in which case your in luck... either way.

Fabrication complete, we prime the engine bay in preparation for paint.    

Take a look up close. Also notice the HUGE square tube reinforced replacement lower radiator core support. I'd like to see these weenie fender aprons flex now....

Now its time to block the whole thing straight.

Blocking, blocking and more blocking.

Engine bay painted.


Decklid painted and car blocked yet again....

All primed, ready for paint.



engine test fit for the second time, everything looks clear. Get used to this process when your working with a HEMI and anything modified.

Headliner started.


Headliner installed, dash installed and painted and window felts and rubbers installed.

Assembling the HEMI for installation, and the rear of the car coming together.

Round 3,... something new each time.

Curious about what makes installing a HEMI so different from anything else? Size does matter. Here is a look at some of the things we are working with, and te last photo shows a spot that hits the torsion bar.

Gauges restored, gauge bezels finished and assembled.

Installation of the radiator, horn and a few other things in the engine bay.


Battery relocated, rear trim being installed and radio installation.

Interior going in.  

Power brakes installed.


Grill installed, and battery box finished.

Dash assembled with new guages.  

Fuel filler bezel and cap installed, grill and front bumper finished and roll bar installed.


The rest of the interior being installed, steering wheel, carpet, console and door panels.


Exhaust: 3" w/ X-pipe & titps

The customer requested that we clear the car again after the decals were put on, so here goes.
Done in the booth.
Front and rear glass and trim installed.
Rear window and side door trim put on and seat belts installed.
He wanted headrests, so those were dyed and installed.
kickpanels finished and wipers installed. This customer didnt like the MOPAR horn button so we exchanged it for one without a logo.

Seatback panels on these cars are a real pain. This cardboard cutout is all you can get from vendors, so you have to transfer all of your old hardware.

Rivets tear the cardboard too easily so we use fiberglass to hold the clips in place.

Installation of the pushbar.
Wheels and tires installed.
Just about finished. I took some time to snap shots while the weather was nice.
The wheels and tires on these cars really makes a big difference.
Now we spend some time putting on final weatherstripping pieces and detailing the trunk.
The upper door pads finally get installed. The interior is finished. Now we wait on transportation arrangements while we finish some of the smaller details.  
With the transporters scheduled to arrive tomorrow, the detailers get busy doing what they do. It will take three of them 8-10 hours to get everything looking its best.  

The customer is trying to make it to the Duke Fest, where he has won an opportunity to have all of the remaining cast members sign his car. He already has a few signatures on the sunvisor, but this is even better. Barring any traffic congestion, he will just make it.

Here are the final shots, waiting on the transporters.

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