Starsky and Hutch HERO #3 MOVIE CAR    
As built by 'Movie' Mike Walsh!  

This 20,000 original mile car was sold to Premier Studios by the same person who sold Movie Mike the #1 HERO car. This was was built as an exact 100% replica of the Hero 1 and Hero 2 cars. This would be Hero 3, or more accurately Replica 1. This is the only car in the world that is exactly identical to the Movie cars 1 and 2, and was created by the same builder. He has even signed the deck lid.

It was purchased to be used as an additional backup hero car since they kept having 'accidents' on the set, but in the end wasn't needed and was not used on film.

This car was purchased by a customer of mine who loves to collect tv & movie cars, and was eventually used as a trade-in to us on a high dollar 'flying rodent' TV car replica to crown his collection.

The engine is a 351M with about 5,000 miles on it. It is a very detailed restoration, including full undercarriage as well.

As you may know, 'Movie Mike' turned down offers up to $100,000 for the Hero 1 car, and the Hero 2 car sold for over $50,000. Mike did a wonderful job on this car, and its a great testament to his abilities.

The images to the right were taken at Premier Studios of all three vehicles.

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